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P.L. Light Projects

JC Green

JC Green is a customer focused Canadian licensed producer (LP) of high quality, craft cannabis.  Set amongst acres of corn and soy in the outskirts of London, Ontario, JC Green grows cannabis in a unique setting – an old school building.  Coincidentally it is also the same school that JC Green owner Rob O’Neill attended when he was a student. From 2009 to 2016 it lay empty and abandoned until he purchased it in 2016 with the dream of starting a Canadian LP.  JC Green stands for Jonny Chronic and is dedicated to Rob’s brother who was an advocate for medicinal cannabis while battling cancer.  This is what drives the dedicated and knowledgeable team to grow the highest quality of medicinal cannabis they can – and as cultivation manager Easton Klaudi emphasized – their first focus is always the customer (patient).

Project Details

Location: Thorndale, ON, Canada

Crop: Cannabis

Luminaire: NXT-LP

Reflector: Alpha

Project Results

JC Green has a 20,000 square foot facility including one clone room, one vegetative room and 3 flower rooms.  They take the slower approach to growing by hand trimming and performing more value-added tasks to ensure each plant is getting the care it deserves.  This care and commitment translates into their final product where they see improved terpene profiles, cannabinoid content and better aroma and appearance.

Vegetative growing room at JC Green

JC Green is always focused on the customer and striving to grow in the most environmentally and sustainable ways possible.  They use a spray free approach to growing―utilizing biocontrols and a dialed in HVAC system to control pests and disease.

Genetics hold the key to the unique properties that influence the final product in cannabis growing. JC Green takes pride in their genetics program, where they will grow and trial over 135 strains of cannabis, assessing them for unique terpene profiles, higher cannabinoids, and how they grow and react in their environment.  In addition to having their own unique genetics not found elsewhere in Canada, they also have begun selling clones to other Canadian LPs looking to grow exceptional plants.

One of the flower rooms at JC Green

A high-quality, craft approach to growing is what sets JC Green apart from other growers and when looking for lighting solutions in their vegetative and flowering rooms they turned to P.L. Light Systems to find solutions that worked within their space.  For their vegetative and mother room they installed the NXT-LP designed for low ceiling applications with metal halide (MH) lamps. The MH lamps also provide the ideal output of light for vegetative growth helping to grow compact plants with lush canopies.  Installed in their three flower rooms, are the NXT-LP with high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps which emit a higher red spectrum – ideal for initiating flowering.

Sales manager Christine and JC Green cultivation manager Easton Klaudi checking light levels in the flower rooms

Checking light spectrum and intensity in a grow room is something that can go overlooked by growers once luminaires are set up. Sales manager Christine Stein had the opportunity to check the light output levels and spectrum efficiencies using a light meter and a spectrometer in the grow rooms at JC Green to see what was working and what could use some adjusting.  Since cannabis is a plant adapted to various intensities of light depending on its genetics, we discovered that some varieties may perform better under low intensities and some under much higher.  Lighting can also affect the terpene profile, cannabinoid profile and other aspects of the cannabis plant.  Since JC Green is focused on delivering the highest quality product with the optimum level of terpenes and cannabinoids, knowing what light levels work for what strain was important in reaching their goals.

There are a lot of exciting things in the works at JC Green, apart from having just started growing indoors in April 2019, they have also been granted a license for outdoor cannabis production with the capacity to grow up to 100 acres.  Learn more about JC Green by visiting their website at:

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