P.L. Light Expert Articles – 5 things to consider when investing in LED grow lighting

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Lighting Technologies | June 30, 2017

LOGIC - 5 - investing in LED grow lightingNew to LED grow lighting? Consider these 5 things when investing in your new or existing project “L-O-G-I-C”


LOGIC - L - investing in LED grow lightingThermal management is essential for maximizing light output, reliability and lifetime of an LED fixture. Passively cooled fixtures are typically better suited for the harsh conditions of indoor growing environments.

OPTIMIZED Performance

LOGIC - O - investing in LED grow lightingLook for fixtures that are engineered specifically for horticultural applications. Factors to consider include light intensity (µmol/m²/s), fixture efficiency (µmol/J); light distribution and spectral recipes.


LOGIC - G - investing in LED grow lightingWatch for exaggerated claims. A reputable manufacturer will offer a complete system warranty, with a guaranteed lifetime of 25,000hrs photon flux maintenance of 90% at ambient operating temperatures typical of a horticultural environment.


LOGIC - I - investing in LED grow lightingROI for LED lighting is different for every grower. Therefore payback calculations for LED lighting are only useful when they apply specifically to your situation. Look for a manufacturer who will provide a custom light plan that considers all the factors specific to your application.

COST (LED grow lighting)

LOGIC - C - investing in LED grow lightingA good LED lighting system is a big investment, so do your homework. For this reason, ensure you are considering ALL factors when calculating your cost of ownership. The cheapest price may turn out to be an expensive mistake.

PL Light has three excellent LED options for your new or existing commercial grow. (L) The HortiLED series – passively cooled – extending the durability of the fixture. (O) They also offer various spectrum’s making it easy to tailor your fixture to your specific horticultural needs. (G) You can be put at ease with PL Light’s full system LED warranty for a period of five (5) years. (I) We know that successful grow lighting begins with a carefully considered light plan which is available to you 24/7. (C) Growing with LED grow lights is a popular topic. Though there are only a handful of growers who are using LED lights, but their numbers are increasing rapidly with each day. So stay ahead of the competition and request a quote today.