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As the first luminaire in the ParFXTM product family, the TriPlaneTM leverages the best of both LED and HID technologies—high light output, controlled distribution, optimized efficiencies and exceptional thermal management. Engineered to deliver multiple distribution angles and a light output of 2100 μmol/s*, the TriPlane sets a new standard for LED horticultural lighting as a true 1-for-1 replacement of the 1000W HID luminaire.

Key Features
optimal thermal preformance iconEngineered for optimal thermo-regulation.
colour spectrum iconMultiple distribution and spectral options.
efficiency iconOptimum performance and energy savings.
easy installation iconSimple plug-and-play platform.
Product Details

Designed for maximum flexibility, the TriPlane’s LED modules can be adjusted independently in precise increments in either direction—allowing for highly customized light distribution, depending on the application.

The TriPlane is thermally and mechanically engineered for optimal thermal management—maximizing the lifetime of the luminaire, reducing heat stress on the plants and lowering HVAC loads.

The integrated fins on the top of the aluminum LED modules are engineered to dissipate heat through conduction for optimal passive thermal management. The integrated driver is housed in an aluminum enclosure that is separated from the two LED modules to allow for maximum airflow around the electronics compartment, further allowing for passive cooling.

A standard horticultural power connector, integrated driver and intuitive mounting brackets allow for a true plug-and-play retrofit of existing HID lighting installations in hybrid or standalone LED applications. The TriPlane can also be daisy-chained together, thus reducing electrical engineering costs.


Technical Specifications

Rated Main Voltage 208-480V
Amperage 208V 240V 277V 347V 400V 480V
RWMB HO (single-channel) 3.15 2.73 2.36 1.89 1.64 1.36
RWMB LO (single-channel) 1.83 1.59 1.37 1.1 0.95 0.79
Daylight HO (single-channel) 3.10 2.68 2.32 1.86 1.61 1.34
Daylight LO (single-channel) 1.82 1.58 1.37 1.09 0.95 0.79
RWMB_FR HO (single-channel) 3.34 2.89 2.51 2.00 1.73 1.45
RWMB_FR LO (single-channel) 2.07 1.80 1.56 1.24 1.08 0.90
RWMB+FR HO (dual-channel) 3.42 2.97 2.57 2.05 1.78 1.48
Power RWMB Daylight  RWMB_FR RWMB+FR 
HO 654.4W 643.9W 694.0W 712.0 W
LO 380.7W 379.0W 430.9W N/A
Light Source LED
Photon Efficacy (350-800nm): RWMB Daylight  RWMB_FR RWMB+FR 
HO 3.2 μmol/J 2.6 μmol/J 3.2 μmol/J 3.3 μmol/J
LO 3.3 μmol/J 2.6 μmol/J 3.3 μmol/J N/A
Photon Flux (350-800nm):  RWMB Daylight  RWMB_FR  RWMB+FR
HO 2109 μmol/s 1697 μmol/s 2203 μmol/s 2313 μmol/s
LO 1263 μmol/s 991 μmol/s 1420 μmol/s N/A
Power Factor > 0.97
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Dimming 0-10V (source*)
Ambient Operating Temperature 40°C (max)
Lifetime L90B5 at 50,000 hrs**

†Accurate to ± 10%        CSA / DLC Pending   

*The TriPlane is designed as a 0-10V sourcing supply, and is compatible with most major environmental control systems that use 0-10V sinking protocols—including: Hoogendoorn, Priva, Argus Control Systems and Wadsworth Control Systems.

**Scientifically extrapolated calculation for Par Maintenance of light is L90B5 at 50,000hrs (this means that expected lifespan of LEDs is defined as ≤5% of luminaires can depreciate below the expected 90% PAR maintenance within 50,000 hours).



x = length 26.14 in. (664 mm)
y = width 22.80 in. (579 mm)
z = height 3.81 in. (96.7 mm)
weight 35 lb. (15.8 kg)


The product is meant for use in climate controlled rooms. The product may be used in damp environments. The product may not be used in wet environments or outdoors. The LEDs function optimally when the ambient temperature is between 0 ~ 40 °Celsius.



    CSA Certification Mark for Canada and United States



Limited warranty for a period of five (5) years from date of invoice. Refer to relevant luminaire specification data sheet for expected LED lifetime data.

In the event that you are experiencing problems with your luminaire, please contact our customer service team to arrange for additional technical support or service repairs as required.


SpectrAL Options  

Designed to deliver optimum colour efficiencies, the TriPlane is available in multiple spectral recipes which can be used in standalone LED applications, or in combination with HID luminaires for hybrid applications:



The TriPLight Output Imagelane is available in high light output (HO) or low light output (LO) models—depending on the light levels required for your application. For retrofit applications, the HO model would typically serve as a replacement for a 1000W HID luminaire and the LO model as a replacement for a 400W or 600W HID luminaire.


Mounting Options


TriPlane 2″ Track/Truss Bracket
  • two required per luminaire
TriPlane 1-5/8″ Perpendicular Track Bracket w/Hardware
  • two required per luminaire

TriPlane 2″ x 1” Perpendicular Truss Bracket w/Hardware
  • two required per luminaire

TriPlane Custom Track/Truss Crop Wire Offset Drop Bracket w/Hardware
  • one required per luminaire