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P.L. Light Projects

Rosa Flora

Rosa Flora is a grower of the freshest premium flowers since 1978. Their expert team grows large gerbera, mini gerbera, snapdragons, lisianthus, and stephanotis under 1.5 million of square feet of high-tech greenhouses.  Guided by three core principles:  devotion to service, commitment to quality, and supporting the  environment—Arielle DeBoer, Ralph DeBoer and Joshua Bulk are without a doubt on to a winning formula.

Rosa Flora greenhouses growing beautiful magenta and white snapdragon flowers
Project Details

Location: Dunnville, ON, Canada

Crop: Snapdragons

Luminaire: NXT2

Reflector: Beta

Project Results

Following a devastating fire in early 2014, Dunville based cut flower grower, Rosa Flora embarked on a significant expansion of their Lisianthus and Snapdragon production. The expansion was based on a well considered  energy strategy which included the installation of 4 generators (with a capacity of 2 MW each) to supply power for their supplemental lighting and for heating water as economically as possible.

The high-performance, high-efficiency  NXT2 with double-ended HPS lamp technology was an ideal solution for them. The luminaires not only deliver optimal levels of PAR light uniformly to the surface of the crop, but also contribute toward the much needed heat that the crop demands.

Master Grower
Master grower Ralph DeBoer.

Pride in Every Petal
One final inspection before the flowers ship out.
Perfect for Propagation
Snapdragon seedlings under propagation.


Sensational Snapdragons
The right supplemental lighting helps to produce optimal yields.
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