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P.L. Light Projects

SoulFood Greenhouse

NorthPark Presbyterian Church, located in Dallas, Texas, has discovered a new way to enrich their community. Built in 2017, SoulFood is a year-round hydroponic greenhouse dedicated to producing and donating fresh organic vegetables to surrounding neighborhoods in need.

Project Details

Location: Dallas, Texas

Crop: Tomatoes

Luminaire: HortiLED Top

Project Results

Given the height to which tomato plants can grow, as well as the high DLI requirement upwards of 22 moles/ day, directing light uniformly deep within the plant canopy is essential to optimize yield and quality. For this reason, the HortiLED Top luminaire with red/blue (medium blue) spectrum was the ideal solution. The HortiLED Top with 150-degree distribution provides exceptional uniformity across a wider area of the plant canopy. This allows wider spacing between plants, reducing the number of luminaires while maintaining desired light levels and uniformity.


To learn more about how SoulFood Greenhouse is increasing access to locally-grown organic produce, visit their website or Facebook Page.

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