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P.L. Light Projects


Redecan is a licensed producer of medicinal cannabis located in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula.

Redecan farms greenhouse growing lush cannabis plants
Project Details

Location: Niagara Peninsula, ON, Canada

Crop: Cannabis

Luminaire: NXT2 & HortiLED Top

Reflector: Beta

Project Results

Cannabis is a very high light crop and given the strong correlation between light intensity and yield—a lighting system that delivers optimal light intensities is an essential part of any commercial indoor cannabis operation.

Cannabis plants can get very tall and dense, so directing light deep within the canopy to reach the lower leaves can be a challenge. The NXT2 with Beta Reflector provided Redecan with an ideal solution. The high-performance NXT2 features a high-output, double-ended HPS lamp that delivers optimal PAR light for flowering. The Beta reflector is designed specifically to deliver uniformly deep penetration of light into the canopy—providing optimal light intensity to even the lowest levels of the canopy. In the vegetative grow rooms they have installed the HortiLED Top luminaires delivering the ideal light spectrum and uniformity over the crop to grow strong, dense plants ready for transition into the flowering grow stage.

A member of the Redecan team opens a container of pest-controlling insects, which protect the crop from infestation
Biological Pest Control
A sustainable approach to crop protection.

Isle view of cannabis crops
Dense Canopy
Cannabis plants produce a dense canopy.
NXT2 lights hanging over cannabis crop
High Light Crop
Higher light intensities deliver higher yields.


Isle view of cannabis crop
Penetrating Tall Canopies
Lighting the lower levels of the canopy can be challenging.
HortiLED Top for vegetative growth


P.L. Light Systems’ products can only be sold to producers who hold a valid license to grow cannabis in accordance with applicable state and/or federal law. 

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