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P.L. Light Projects

Old Souls Farms

Old Souls Farms takes pride in growing the highest quality of hydroponic produce, including lettuce, herbs and microgreens without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Project Details

Location: Saint Paris, Ohio

Crops: Lettuce, Herbs, Microgreens

Luminaire: NXT-LP

Reflector: Alpha

Project Results

Located in Saint Paris, Ohio, Old Souls Farms grows specialty greens year-round with the aid of the NXT-LP with Alpha reflector. Given the shorter periods of daylight in the Fall, Winter and early Spring seasons in Ohio, Old Souls Farms was looking for a luminaire that would extend the day length and provide the required light quantity to grow high quality crops year round. Lettuces require at least 14 hours of light a day to reach optimum quality, and thus require a high efficiency luminaire to supplement daylight for year-round production. Even though greens are a cool weather crop, giving them a higher DLI (daily light integral) than would be provided by the sun during the winter months allows for a quicker crop turn around allowing the grower to be able to grow and sell more greens in one year.

Specializing in grow-to-order, Old Souls Farms depends on technologies and environmental systems within its greenhouse, including the NXT-LP with Alpha reflector, to maximize yield and maintain the highest quality. Designed for low-ceiling environments, the NXT-LP with Alpha reflector delivers a wide field of illumination evenly across the surface of the crop. This allows Old Souls Farms to maintain optimal light levels with fewer luminaires resulting in higher overall efficiencies.

To learn more about Old Souls Farms, visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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