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P.L. Light Projects

Houweling’s Group

Houweling’s Group, is a family owned, world-renowned greenhouse tomato grower with facilities in Camarillo, CA, Mona, UT and Delta, BC. Founded by Cornelius Houweling—and now owned by his son Casey—Houweling’s is dedicated to delivering a full complement of scrumptious tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, while constantly innovating to reduce its environmental footprint.

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Houweling's tomatoes greenhouse with yellow lights in the pink sunset
Project Details

Location: Delta, BC, Canada

Crop: Tomatoes

Luminaire: NXT2

Reflector: Beta

Project Results

There is a strong correlation between DLI and plant growth, development, yield and quality. Tomatoes in particular are very high light crops—with a DLI requirement upwards of 22 moles/day* for optimal crop quality and yields. So for commercial growers (especially those in northern latitudes), the use of supplemental lighting is essential to maintain year-round propagation—especially November through February when naturally occurring outdoor DLI values are typically between 5 to 15 µmol/m².s.

Given that tomato plants can grow very tall—directing light deep within the canopy to reach the lower leaves can be a challenge. For this reason, Houweling’s was looking for a lighting system that not only delivered the best light output, but also optimal light distribution for their application. The NXT2 with Beta Reflector provided them with the ideal solution. The NXT2 is a high-performance luminaire with an energy-efficient electronic ballast, and low maintenance requirements. The Beta reflector is designed specifically to deliver uniformly deep penetration of light into the canopy—providing optimal light intensity to even the lowest levels of the crop.

Visit their website, and follow Houweling’s Group on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

*Source: James E. Faust, Ball Red Book


Optimal Yields
Optimal light quality equals optimal yields.

Limited Daylight
Winter months offer limited daylight.
Young plants under propagation.


Tall Canopy
Shading is a challenge in the lower canopy.
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