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P.L. Light Projects

DeGoede Farms

Founded in 2016 by father & son team, Ben and Benjamin DeGoede, DeGoede Farms is on a mission to help bring local, year round organic greens and herbs to Western Washington.

Degroode farms greenhouse with P.L. Light Systems HortiLED Top fixtures in place.
Project Details

Location: Sumner, WA, USA

Crop: Lettuce

Luminaire: HortiLED TOP

Spectrum: Red/Blue (MB)

Project Results

Growers Ben and Benjamin DeGoede  are growing lettuce hydroponically in their Sumner, WA greenhouse. Winters in Washington State tend to be pretty dark, with a mere 6 to 8 hours of daylight. Given that lettuce is a long day plant, and requires approximately 14 hours of light, supplemental lighting is essential for year-round production. At DeGoede Farms, the plants are grown in nutrient-rich water under P.L. Light Systems’ HortiLED TOP luminaires with a red/blue (medium blue) spectrum.

The DeGoedes have seen a noticeable difference in their plants since the installation of the HortiLED TOP luminaires. The growth habit of the lettuce is more compact and even, and the red lettuce has coloured up beautifully.

Currently, Windmill Gardens is growing three types of lettuce: romaine lettuce, mixed and red butter bib, as well as several herbs, including basil.

Visit their website, and follow DeGoede Farms on Facebook and Instagram.


Close up image of compact lettuce
Compact Growth
The plants are noticeably more compact.

Growers Ben and Benjamin DeGoede stand behind a rack of lettuce
Dynamic Duo
Father and son grower team, Ben & Benjamin DeGoede.
HortiLED Top lights hang over racks of lettuce
Perfect Pigmentation
The Red/Blue (MB) spectrum has enhanced the red pigmentation.


Man holds child to get a better look at the lettuce, HortiLED Top fixtures are in the background
Extending Daylight
Supplemental lighting is essential for long day plants.



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