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P.L. Light Projects

Aqua Greens

Aqua Greens is a thriving aquaponics farm—dedicated to providing the most nutrient rich, locally-grown, organic greens and tilapia to grocery stores and restaurants in the city of Toronto. Their passion lies in strengthening local communities through the celebration and awareness of aquaponic food production in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally responsible.

The manufacture and sale of the HSE Daylight luminaire has been discontinued. While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, we are pleased to provide alternative products delivering optimal performance. Please contact us if you have additional questions. 


Aqua Greens vertically stacked greenhouse with PL light fixtures growing various plants
Project Details

Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada

Crop: Leafy & Micro Greens

Luminaire: HSE Daylight

Reflector: N/A

Project Results

In order to offer a stable supply and pricing to their customers, Aqua Greens needs to achieve consistent production year-round. Given that the plants are grown in an indoor facility—with limited natural light—co-founders Pablo Alvarez and Craig Petten knew that they needed to have a good supplemental lighting strategy in place if the plants were to thrive.

They partnered with PL Light Systems to design the best lighting system for their particular application. They installed HSE Daylight fixtures throughout the facility and have consistently enjoyed excellent yields. The HSE Daylight fixture is designed to replicate natural daylight as closely as possible by delivering full spectrum light to the surface of the crop—making it an ideal solution for growing facilities with limited daylight. It also provides excellent uniformities at low mounting heights, lending itself perfectly to the multi-layer, vertical grow application at Aqua Greens.

Visit their website, and follow Aqua Greens on Facebook and Twitter.

Two large vessels sit beside vertical growing racks with HSE Daylight fixtures attached.
Closed Loop Ecosystem
Fish waste is converted into plant nutrients.

Vertical growing racks equipped with HSE Daylight fixtures grow a variety of greens
Ideal for Multi-Layer Applications
Excellent uniformity at low mounting heights.
A member of the Aqua Greens team smiles as he sits beside the vertical growing racks with HSE Daylight fixture
No pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers
Truly dedicated to reducing their environmental impact.


A member of the Aqua Greens team inspects the greens growing below the HSE Daylight fixture
Consistent Year Round Production
Delivering uniform full spectrum light to the crop surface.
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