P.L. Light Systems―Your Past, Present and Future Lighting Partner  

Jillian Whitehead

History of P.L. Light Systems, Horticulture, Lighting Technologies | March 30, 2020

P.L. Light SystemsYour Past, Present and Future Lighting Partner  


Lighting systems are a big investment in terms of capital expenditure―as well as crop yields, plant health and productivity. Your investment should deliver value in the long termas should the commitment and support from your lighting supplier.

P.L. Light Systems has been delivering professional quality grow light systems to the North American horticultural industry for over 40 years, and we are dedicated and committed to partnering in our customers’ success. We are very proud of the relationships we build with our customers through a sincere dedication to their growth, and our continued after-sales support. 

P.L. Light Systems has been operating since 1981, when it first opened the doors of its Canadian office as the North American division of Poot Lichtenergie B.V. – servicing both the North and South American markets.  As one of the original pioneers in horticultural lighting, Poot Lichtenergie first began producing horticultural lighting systems in the Netherlands in 1977 

P.L. Light Systems Innovation Time Line

The company distributes products across Canada, the USA and South America from its manufacturing facility in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada.  This is the base for the company’s team of passionate and experienced professionals which helps drive their growth. Having the headquarters and manufacturing located in North America has many advantages. A big one, is ensuring a reliable supply of quality products for our customers.  Another advantage is that our professional sales and support teams are here when you need them most.  Having an in-house team of experts from light planning, to manufacturing, to technical and sales support, allows us to focus on the details of individual orders and the unique needs of each customer.  This is reflected in the quality of our productsbuilt for long-term reliability and useand our long-standing relationships with customerssome of whom have been using our luminaires for more than 20 years. In addition, our team of customer service experts are available for inquiries or issues and can collaborate with our technical team to quickly resolve any concerns.  

A look back at the old P.L. Light Systems trade show booth to the present one
P.L. Light Systems builds and manufactures their luminaires at their headquarters in Beamsville, Canada

Advantages of having a North American Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility 

  • Reliable supply of inventory and products 
  • Local team of sales and customer service representatives 
  • Local knowledge of horticultural industry  
  • Higher standard of safety and quality control 
  • Greater environmental stewardship and sustainability 

No matter what you grow, or the style or type of lighting you are investing in – we have a solution for you.  We pride ourselves on giving unbiased, honest opinions and advicedeveloped through years of experience in the horticulture industry.  And since P.L. Light Systems manufactures both HID (HPS and CMH) and LED luminaires, we are not biased towards any one technology.  This gives you the comfort of knowing we are not motivated to just sell you a lighting systembut to find you the perfect lighting system that works for your application, and delivers the results you are looking for. We have worked with growers in all industries, from vine crops and cannabis, to ornamentals and research institutions, so we have a great breadth of knowledge across all areas of horticulture.  Each customer comes to us with their own individual needs and diverse set of goals when it comes to lighting technology, and we work with you to define those goals and help you reach them.   

From past greenhouse installations to present – we have been helping growers grow a wide variety of crops for 40 years

Our success is rooted in the success of our customers – we have always been proud to work alongside the brightest and most innovative in the horticultural industry.  We know your challenges, and are here to support you, before, during and long after we have sold you our products.  When you chose a P.L. Light Systems product, you are investing in the peace of mind that you are dealing with an established, local company offering local service and support.  

Connect with our sales team to get started on your own light plan and discover how P.L. Light Systems can help grow your business.