P. L. Light Systems Expert Articles: How to Qualify for Energy Rebates on Your LED Installation

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LED luminaires, Rebate programs, Sustainability | August 21, 2020

Rebate programs can be a great resource for growers looking to convert their grow lighting to LED technology, as it can help offset the large costs associated with a lighting installation.  Energy companies like to offer these programs, since LEDs use less energy than traditional horticultural lighting and therefore reduce the impact on the electrical grid. To help you find what programs are availablewe have outlined ways for growers in the USA and in Canada to identify and take advantage of programs to help save you money.   

For more information please download our Rebate and Energy Incentive Guide.

DLC Listing

The DesignLights Consortium© (DLC) was created to provide reputable, independent validation of the performance, quality and efficiency claims of lighting products. Although DLC has been around for several years already, they have only recently added horticultural luminaires to their database. It is important to note that the program applies to LED lighting ONLY. 

Many utilities require that luminaires are DLC listed to qualify for energy conservation incentive programs.  LED luminaires that have earned DLC certification, have been proven to deliver a high level of both quality and energy efficiency. The organization’s stringent standards allow growers to validate and compare the performance of horticultural luminaires―eliminating the need for the thorough vetting and due diligence that you would otherwise be required when considering a lighting system 

To find a specific DLC horticultural product listing, you will need to visit the Qualified Product List database (QPL) and enter either the manufacturer or product name e.g. “P.L. Light Systems” or “Hortiled” in the general search field.  Alternatively, you can filter by manufacturer for a complete list of qualified products by that manufacturer. 

Opting to install DLC listed luminaires will allow for quicker and easier qualification for energy conservation incentive programs.  

Energy Incentive Programs in the USA

If  you are located in the USA, you can search the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) websitewhich tracks all current energy incentive programsto determine which energy incentive programs you may qualify for.   Visit www.dsireusa.org to begin, where you will see a map which lets you select what state you are located in. 


From there you need to apply any relevant filters to find the local incentive programs for which you may qualify.   



Filter Examples: 

Eligible Sectors> Non-Residential>Business > Agricultural 


Technology>Energy Efficiency>Lighting>Lighting/LED Lighting 



Energy Incentive Programs in Canada 

 If you are a Canadian grower, you will have to contact your local electrical provider and reach out to their energy conservation team for available programs.  Some utilities allow customers to access program applications on their websites which you can simply complete and submit, while others may require an assessment by one of their energy-auditors.  Being able to let the utility’s conservation team  know that your LED lighting products have DLC and CSA certification, will help in assessing your eligibility for programs.   

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