P.L. Light Systems Expert Articles: How The Right Connector Can Save You Time And Money

Jillian Whitehead

Horticulture, LED luminaires, Lighting Strategies, Lighting Technologies | October 21, 2021

Using the right connector for your luminaire makes all the difference when it comes to ease of installation, maintenance, and future retrofit projects. P.L. Light Systems has always used the highest quality connectors—specifically designed to meet stringent North American safety standards and withstand the rigors of the horticultural environment—in their luminaires and cable assemblies.

The plug-and-play design of the Wieland connectors, allow for the quick, easy and safe disconnection of luminaires within a grow facility—saving the grower time and money when it comes to the installation and/or maintenance of luminaires.

Wieland connectors have been used for many years within the Dutch horticultural industry, for all the reasons P.L. Light Systems has opted to use them: IP protection, plug-and-play functionality and exceptional electrical safety.

Man installing Hortiled Top 2.0 squared luminaire to track
Wieland connectors allow for quick, easy and safe electrical connection/disconnection.

It’s important to note, however, that not all Wieland components used in Europe, are safety certified for use in North America.  Certain RST connectors, for example, frequently used for cable assemblies in horticultural applications, are not approved for use in North America. All Wieland components used by P.L. Light Systems are purchased exclusively through Wieland’s North American division, to ensure they are safety certified to North American CSA and UL standards.

So, we always advise growers to ensure that—no matter the reputation of the vendor— when purchasing and/or installing any lighting equipment and/or accessories, they always confirm the products are certified to North American safety standards.  If you choose to partner with a European vendor for example, not all their products and/or components may meet local safety standards and your installation could fail an electrical inspection. This is because the vendor will (likely unwittingly) have sold you components that to all intents and purposes appear to be identical to the components sold locally, but are in fact designed to European standards, rather than North American.  The consequences of this are having to replace all those components, making for a very costly project and delaying the use of your lighting system.  Buying directly from a North American lighting partner, such as P.L. Light Systems, will ensure you will always receive the right components that will pass inspections and safety standards.

Moisture Ingress Protection (IP) is essential for any electrical equipment in a high-humidity environment such as a greenhouse.

The right connector can also make for an easy to switch between HID or LED technology. This offers growers a great deal of flexibility with their luminaire installation and allows growers to seamlessly switch between HPS or LED luminaires in the case of a retrofit or hybrid installation.

Working with a local lighting partner also means you are investing in the peace of mind that you are dealing with an established, local company offering local service and support.

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