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Save on Energy’s Retrofit program is an initiative designed to help Ontario businesses save energy, reduce costs, and increase productivity. The program is available to commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-residential, and agricultural businesses–including greenhouse growers. By offering financial incentives for equipment upgrades that reduce facility electricity consumption, the program aims to encourage businesses to invest in up-to-date, efficient equipment and technology.


One of the key benefits of participating in the Save on Energy Retrofit program is reduced electricity costs. By upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment, businesses can save money on their monthly electricity bills. There are also immediate operational and maintenance savings to be realized. By investing in new equipment, businesses can reduce the frequency of breakdowns and repairs, which can be costly and disruptive. Being more energy efficient can also make businesses more competitive.

The Save on Energy Retrofit program features three streams of commonly used prescriptive measures: lighting, HVAC, and manufacturing and other equipment. These measures are designed to help businesses identify areas where they can improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Eligible Measures

Some types of measures that are available and relevant to Ontario Growers are:

  • Grow lights
  • Lighting such as high-bays
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for pumps, fans and motors
  • Chillers
  • Booster pumps
  • Duel ventilation systems
  • Exhaust fans
  • And More!

In addition to the prescriptive measures, the program also offers a Custom track, which will be reintroduced in spring 2023. This track allows businesses to propose their own energy-saving projects and receive financial incentives for implementing them. By offering this track, the program provides businesses with greater flexibility in identifying and implementing energy-saving measures. There may be other updates in the spring announcement, so sign up for the Save on Energy business newsletter here to stay up to date:


To participate in the Save on Energy Retrofit program, businesses must meet certain requirements. For example, applicants must select equipment from the available program offerings to receive incentives (until the custom track is reintroduced). The incentive is capped at 50% of eligible project costs, with a minimum incentive of $500 per facility. Additionally, applicants must apply on the Retrofit Portal before starting the project, and QA/QC verification photos are randomly selected for small projects and required for projects with incentives over $20K.

Save on Energy Retrofit program provides a range of services to help businesses apply for and implement energy-saving measures. For example, a Save on Energy representative can act as your applicant representative and offer opportunity identification both in-person and virtually. Representatives can also offer support for addressing technical review requirements and requests for information. Retrofit program resources are available on the Save on Energy website, including application tips, best practice documents, pre- and post-project checklists, how-to guides, and incentive invoice guides.

To apply for the program, businesses must submit an application online through the Retrofit portal. The application must include a quote/detailed project cost breakdown and product specification sheets. In addition, applications must be submitted before entering a contract, and a Disposal Confirmation Form is required with post-project submissions to verify proper disposal or decommissioning.

save on energy retrofit application portal

In conclusion, Save on Energy Retrofit program is an excellent opportunity for Ontario greenhouse growers to save money, increase productivity, and reduce their environmental impact. By investing in energy-efficient equipment and technology, businesses can reduce their electricity costs, improve employee comfort and productivity, and keep pace with changing marketplace needs. The program offers a range of financial incentives, services, and resources to help businesses identify and implement energy-saving measures. By participating in the program, greenhouse growers can position themselves for long-term success, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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