P.L. Light Systems Expert Articles: Crafting a Customer – Exceptional First Experience

Jaimie Tassone

Helpful Tools | July 1, 2018

Delivering exceptional customer service begins with communication. The ways in which a business communicates with existing and prospective customers often correlates with consumer satisfaction. A high level of customer satisfaction is meaningful to a company, as it determines whether or not a customer has a positive experience in dealing with a company. Here at P.L., we work every day to uphold and improve upon our customers’ experience.

Building a strong relationship with each of our customers is an essential part of our business, as it fosters customer loyalty and generates positive exposure through word of mouth referrals and recommendations. Most importantly, a strong long-term customer relationship provides job security to our team of employees. At P.L., we aim to form a bond with our customers in order to truly understand their current and future needs, as well as to exceed customer expectations wherever possible.

Simplicity is key

Employing basic skills such as listening and speaking clearly with confidence is essential in everyday customer communication. As a team of product experts, educating customers about the specificities of a product will ensure that they are making the correct choice based on their needs and expectations.

As in every relationship, a problem may arise unexpectedly. It is best to address the problem immediately and to take a solution-oriented approach to such situations. We work with our customers to find realistic long-term solutions that range from custom light plans to mounting solutions, and even advice for new growers.

Make it Social

With the help of a strong social media presence and a dedicated team, we are able to keep the lines of communication open to respond to inquiries quickly. Social media also allows us to inform our followers about the latest product updates and relevant industry news.

In fact, according to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report, 66% of global customers now expect a social media response within 24 hours. Similarly, 56% of respondents report having a more favourable view of brands and organizations that respond to customers on social media.

We believe that communicating with our consumers where it’s convenient for them is an effective way to support our customers as they make purchase decisions.

Final Points

Expectations of a company’s level of customer service have changed more in the last 5 years than in the last 20. From a user-friendly website to social media and video messaging, today’s consumers expect to be able to engage with a company through multiple channels. Despite the speed at which communications platforms continue to evolve, our team of customer service experts at P.L. have never lost focus on what matters most, our customers.


Jamie Tassone

Written by – Jaimie Tassone has over 16 years of experience in customer service and has been a member of the P.L. customer service team for two and a half years. As a valued member of P.L., Jaimie plays a role in multiple areas, from processing sales orders to working will all departments to ensure customer expectations are being met.