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P.L. Light Products

P.L. Light iQ

Multi-Zone Lighting Control with a Single Device

The P.L. Light iQ provides centralized, digital control of your lighting system—allowing you to switch, dim and boost up to 512 luminaires in up to four zones.

  • P.L. Light iQ - screen interface
  • P.L. Light iQ - interface front
  • P.L. Light iQ - blank screen
  • P.L. Light iQ - packaging
Key Features
Auto-dim / Auto-shutdown at high temperatures.
Controls up to 512 luminaires in four zones.
Easy plug-and-play installation.
Sunset / Sunrise setting.
Switch, dim and boost luminaires through a single device.
Product Details

The P.L. Light iQ provides centralized, digital control of your lighting system – allowing you to switch, dim and boost up to 512 luminaires* in up to four zones (128 luminaires per zone).

Zones can be individually or simultaneously programmed for:

  • Light Cycle(s)
  • Sunrise/Sunset Duration
  • Auto-Dimming / Auto-Shutdown at High Temperature(s)
  • Target Power

P.L. Light iQ-zone setting screen

*The P.L. Light iQ controller is only compatible with control-enabled NXT-LP luminaires.

Featuring an 800 x 480 full color LCD screen, the P.L. Light iQdelivers a highly-intuitive interface, and exceptional clarity in both light and dark environments.




The P.L. Light iQfeatures a digital communications protocol  and a backup battery power source to safeguard programming and ensure more reliable operation.

Its quick and easy “plug-and-play” installation means you can be up and running in no time.

The P.L. Light iQ can only be used to control compatible P.L. Light NXT-LP luminaires. Ensure that you follow the instructions, as outlined in the user manual, when connecting your luminaires to the controller.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions Controller 9.134 in (L) x 1.417 in (D) × 3.917 in (H)

232 mm (W) x 36 mm (D) × 100 mm (H)

Display Screen 4.29 in (W) × 2.59 in (H)

109.0 mm (W) ×65.8 mm (H)

Weight (Controller) 0.35kg / 0.77lb
Power Supply Adapter 12V 2A DC
Maximum Cable Length per Port 1200 m / 3937 ft.
Maximum Number of Luminaires per Port 128
Total Number of Luminaires per Controller 512
Environmental Specifications
Warning! The product must not be exposed to moisture, condensing humidity, contamination or dust.
Optimum Ambient Operating Temperature 0°C to 30°C / 32°F to 86°F


Controller Kit Components-with labels

  1. (1) P.L. Light iQ™ Controller
  2. (1) 2m Power Cord with 120V plug and Power Supply Adapter
  3. (1) 5m RJ12 cable
  4. (1) Temperature sensor w/5m cable
  5. (1) Quick Start Guide