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The next best thing to sunlight

The 315W NXT-LP CMH luminaire is the latest complement to our product family. This professional grade luminaire delivers optimal lighting performance both as a standalone technology, or when used to supplement existing horticultural lighting applications.

Key Features
passive cooling iconEngineered for optimal thermal performance.
low profile for close ceiling mounting iconLow-profile for close-to-ceiling mounting.
Optimal full spectrum light output.
optimum light iconOptimum light output and uniformity.
Product Details

The CMH luminaire’s ultra low-profile design and low radiant heat output, lends itself ideally to vertical applications or in horticultural facilities where ceiling height is limited.

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) delivers a highly stable, well balanced light spectrum―similar to natural daylight―providing a broad spectrum of wavelengths (including UV), so the plant can absorb exactly what it needs. The spectrum is ideal for vegetative growth cycles; or supplementary blue light in HPS flowering rooms.

The luminaire produces low radiant heat, allowing for close-to-crop mounting and reduced BTUs―resulting in reduced AC costs.


Rated Main Voltage 240V 277V 347V
Input Current 1.44A 1.25A 1.00A
Power Factor >0.98 > 0.98 > 0.95
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Actual Input Power 345W
CRI 95
Lamp Type*


† Accurate to ± 10%               *The use of any lamp, other than specified, will render luminaire warranty null and void. 


x = length 21.50 in. (54.6cm)
y = width 11.00 in. (27.9 cm)
z = height 8.25 in. (21.0 cm)
weight 9.41 lb. (4.25 kg)


The product is meant for use in climate controlled rooms. The product may be used in damp environments. The product may not be used in wet environments or outdoors. The PL Light Systems CMH lamps function optimally when the ambient temperature is between 20 ~ 30° Celsius.




Luminaires warrantied for four (4) years; electronic drivers four (4) years; CMH Lamps one (1) year or 6,000 burning hours, whichever comes first.

If you experience any problems with your luminaire, you should initially follow some basic trouble shooting steps. In the event that your luminaire still fails to function as it should, please contact our customer service team to arrange for additional technical support or service repairs as required.

Mounting Options

NXT-LP 2″ x 1″ Truss Bracket (with hardware)

  • Two required per luminaire

NXT-LP 1-5/8″ Track Bracket (with hardware)

  • Two required per luminaire