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Designed to deliver optimal light intensity and uniformity across and deep within the crop canopy, the ParFX™ BalensBeam is the ideal lighting solution for tall (high-wire) crops and/or applications where mounting heights are limited.

Key Features
easy installation iconEasy installation.
quality materials iconHighly robust construction.
efficiency iconOptimum performance and energy savings.
Product Details

The ParFX™ BalensBeam delivers optimized PAR light distribution in both the horizontal and vertical planes to ensure uniform light distribution across the surface of the crop and deep within the canopy.

The linear design of the ParFX™ BalensBeam is engineered to fit snugly beneath the track/truss for minimal shadowing on the crop. The luminaire’s robust, quality construction will ensure years of reliable operation within CEA environments.


Technical Specifications


Rated Main Voltage 208-480V
Amperage 208V 240V 277V 347V 400V
1.11 0.96 0.83 0.66 0.58
Power 230W
Light Source LED
Photon Flux


R90:W5:B5 R79:W8:B5:FR8 R95:B5
805 μmol/s 780 μmol/s 830 μmol/s
Photon Efficacy


R90:W5:B5 R79:W8:B5:FR8 R95:B5
3.5 μmol/J 3.4 μmol/J 3.6 μmol/J
Power Factor > 0.98
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Environment 40°C Max. Ambient Operating Temperature; Suitable for Wet Locations
Lifetime (L90) L90B5 at 36,000 hrs**

†Accurate to ± 10%        *Scientifically extrapolated calculation for Par Maintenance of light is L90B5 at 36,000hrs (this means that the expected lifespan of LEDs is defined as ≤5% of luminaires can depreciate below the expected 90% PAR maintenance within 36,000 hours). Limited warranty for a period of five (5) years. from the date of invoice.      **Power Line Communication (PLC) dimming requires the purchase of a P.L. Light Systems supplied transmitter system, with the gateway connecting to the customer’s climate computer via Modbus TCP/IP. Customer’s climate computer
must utilize HLP.


x = length 48.82 in. (1240 mm)
y = width 2.36 in. (60 mm)
z = height 4.45 in. (1137 mm)
weight 7.98 lb. (3.62 kg)



The product is meant for use in climate controlled rooms. The product may be used in damp environments. The product may not be used in wet environments or outdoors. The LEDs function optimally when the ambient temperature is between 0 ~ 35 °Celsius.



    CSA Certification Mark for Canada and United States



Limited warranty for a period of 5 years from the date of invoice. Refer to the relevant luminaire specification data sheet for expected LED lifetime data.

In the event that you are experiencing problems with your product, please contact our customer service team to arrange for additional technical support or service repairs as required.


SpectrAL Options  

The ParFX™ BalensBeam offers multiple spectral recipes designed for optimal efficiencies.