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P.L. Light Projects

Green Man Cannabis

Founded in 2009 Green Man Cannabis is Colorado’s largest indoor cannabis facility with 120,000 square feet of growing space. With many years of experience in the industry they have become recognized as one of Colorado’s premiere brands of cannabis.

Project Details

Location: Denver, Colorado

Crops: Cannabis

Luminaire: NXT2

Reflector: Beta

Project Results

Growing and selling a consistent and high-quality product is what has led to Green Man Cannabis’ success as a flower grower and dispensary.  Part of the key to any successful indoor grow, is having consistent lighting with the right intensity and light quality.

In their vegetative grow rooms, they have one of P.L. Light Systems’ legacy products, the HSE 1000W Metal Halide luminaires installed, which, after several years of operation are still providing the ideal light spectrum for vegetative growth cycles and mother plants.  Installed in their flowering rooms, they have the NXT2 with Beta reflectors and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. They have found that by using these luminaires, they are able to grow dense flowers, even at lower depths in the canopy.  This is because the Beta reflectors help to drive light deep into the canopy so plants can perform even and consistent photosynthesis – yielding high quality flower.  In addition to helping improve yields and crop quality, director of cultivation Corey Buffkin emphasizes how easy it is to maintain P.L. Light System’s luminaires for optimum performance.  With the NXT2 luminaire’s easy-to-install reflectors, cleaning can be done in under one minute per luminaire.  Cleaning and maintaining reflectors is an important part of annual maintenance. Dirt and dust can build up on the reflectors over time, reducing light levels by up to 10% – this reduction can lead to lower yields since we know that every 1% loss of light equates to about a 1% loss in yield.

Having won 6 Cannabis Cups over the years, Green Man Cannabis continues to expand their brand to other states including Nevada and Oregon.  Don’t miss out on their feature with Deep Roots/Canna Cribs on YouTube where you can hear more from Corey Buffkin on their Colorado growing facility.

Learn more on Green Man Cannabis on their website at: https://www.greenmancannabis.com/historic/

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