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P.L. Light Projects

Gallo Farms and Extracts

Gallo Farms and Extracts is a family owned and operated licensed commercial cannabis producer located in Avondale, Colorado. Having experienced sustained growth, Gallo Farms and Extracts takes pride in cultivating premium wholesale cannabis for Colorado’s recreational market.

Project Details

Location: Avondale, Colorado

Crop: Cannabis

Luminaire: NXT2

Reflector: Beta

Project Results

Since 2017 Gallo Farms has been growing premium cannabis out of their 7200 square foot greenhouse. They grow hydroponically and have a fully automated greenhouse from propagation through to flowering. Their team of passionate employees love what they do and bring energy and care into every aspect of growing and production.

Greenhouse grown cannabis allows for year-round cultivation, control over your growing environment and the advantage of being able to produce a consistent product.  Greenhouses have the benefit of being able to use energy from the sun as well as being able to control light for both vegetative and flowering growth cycles.  Supplemental lighting plays a key role in the growing operations at Gallo Farms.  When days are cloudy or short in the winter months, supplemental lighting helps them achieve higher light intensities and optimum photoperiods to maintain a high yielding and high-quality crop.  When looking for a lighting system that delivered the right spectrum and intensity for their crops, Gallo Farms chose to install P.L. Light Systems NXT2 luminaires with Beta reflectors. Having the right reflector will increase your light output, maximize your uniformity and reduce the number of luminaires you require to achieve your light levels and crop quality.

As owner Al Gallo mentioned, the NXT2s do a great job and are perfect for greenhouse cannabis applications.  Having the Beta reflectors allows for the light to penetrate deep into the canopy so even the lowest leaves are photosynthesizing and receiving light.  The reflectors also distribute the light evenly across the crop canopy – making for more uniform plant growth and easier crop management.

Learn more about Gallo Farms by following them on their Instagram @gallofarms

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