Light Care Service

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The controlled environment agricultural (CEA) industry has seen significant innovation over the past few years. The most significant innovations have been in technology and automation—driven by increasing energy and labour costs.

Growers have realized the advantages of investing in equipment and automated systems that will reduce their operating costs (including labour, mainte­nance and energy-related costs) and increase their bottom line.

As such, energy-efficient supplemental lighting systems are a logical investment for most commercial growers, but they often don’t realize there is also a lot to be gained from simple measures like cleaning and maintaining the luminaires.

Customers of  P.L. Light System can take advantage of our LightCare photometric diagnostic service in line with their long-term lighting system maintenance strategy. As part of this service, customers can submit samples of their lamps and/or reflectors for testing in our photometry lab. The customer will then receive a full test report of the findings—along with recommendations on what can be done to extend the life of the current reflectors and/or lamps or, alternatively, a recommendation that the relevant components need to be replaced in order to achieve optimal light quality.Sample view of P.L. Light Care photometric diagnostic service