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A highly-unique optical design provides exceptional energy efficiencies and ideal distribution of light onto the plant canopy in high-wire applications.

  • HortiLED Inter Front Fixture
  • Side view of Hortiled Inter
  • Two Hortiled Inter fixtures connected
  • Side view of Hortiled Inter
Key Features
easy installation iconField-replaceable driver.
optimal thermal preformance iconOptimal thermal management for close-to-crop mounting.
efficiency iconOptimum performance and energy savings.
light distribution angle iconPrecisely controlled distribution for high-wire/taller crops.
Product Details

The HortiLED INTER uniformly delivers up to 125 μmol/m2.s of light, while delivering system efficacies as high as 2.63 μmol/J. The narrow-profile modules are also designed to provide optimal heat management–enabling close-to-canopy mounting without any burning.

The HortiLED INTER provides perfectly symmetrical light distribution to deliver ideal uniformity across the top surface of the leaves—even at the lowest levels of the canopy.

How does it work?

  1. Light is emitted from the high-output LED array.
  2. Light strikes the integrated reflector and is internally reflected and laterally refocused.
  3. Light emerges through the lens in a precisely controlled distribution across the surface of the plant.

Technical Specifications

Rated Main Voltage 120V 208V 240V 277V
Amperage (max) 0.40A 0.23A 0.20A 0.17A
Power 47.5W
Light Source LED
System Efficacy (R-LB) 2.63 μmol/J
Flux (R-LB) 125 μmol/s (per module)
1,000 μmol/s (per set 8 modules)
Power Factor >0.95
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Lifetime 50,000 hrs

† Accurate to ± 10%
‡ Photon Flux maintenance of 15% @ max. ambient operating temperature of 30°C
All values are per module, unless otherwise stated


HortiLED INTER Driver Box
x = length 48.189 in. (1224.0 mm) 33.606 in. (853.6 mm)
y = width 2.201 in. (55.9 mm) 4.362 in. (110.8 mm)
z = height 4.803 in. (122.9 mm) 3.268 in. (83.0 mm)
weight 3.97 lb. (1.8 kg) 13.28 lb. (6.0 kg)


The product is meant for use in climate controlled rooms. The product may be used in damp environments. The product may not be used in wet environments or outdoors. The LEDs function optimally when the ambient temperature is between 0 ~ 40 °Celsius.


Full system warranty covers LED light engine, driver, and all fixture components for a period of five (5) years. Warranty applies only if light output of complete module has diminished by >15% of specified light output within five (5) years of commencement of warranty period.

In the event that you are experiencing problems with your luminaire, please contact our customer service team to arrange for additional technical support or service repairs as required.

An external driver module powers up to eight HortiLED INTER modules and allows for easy in-field replacement if required. One driver is required per every 3/4/6/7/8 HortiLED INTER modules.

Cross section of fixture showing connection ports and mounting brackets                   side view of 4 fixtures attached


Spectrum Options

Designed to deliver optimum color efficiencies in the PAR region of the spectrum, the HortiLED INTER offers a standard Red/Blue (95% /5%) spectral recipe.